Down is not out

Wonderfully inspiring story about how the right support and determination can change your life 

Disability Videos: SEE INTO OUR WORLD

What a Wonderful World: this bitter-sweet short film reminds us that social justice and human rights are at the heart of the struggle for a decent life whether you have a disability, are a child or have just fallen on hard times. 


Dr Simon Duffy, Director of the Centre for Welfare Reform, talks about what makes us citizens. 

REMARKABLE Voices: click on the images

Inclusion: for pity’s sake?

Joanna Grace, founder of the Sensory Project, TEDx speaker and author in a moving two-hander with Chloe says inclusion is based on gain not pity

"Austerity is a catastrophe"

Theresia Degenerer Chair of the UN
committee on the Rights for Persons with Disabilities. "Austerity has created  a 
‘human catastrophe’ for the disabled 

"I talk with my eyes"

Jonathan Bryan: "My cerebral palsy meant I was stuck in a perpetual reception class at school – but a spelling board helped me find my voice"

Blow the Wind

A poignant film made in the Camphill Community Gannicox House, Stroud. The film facilitated by Kas Graham and Gosia Orlinska of Audio Video Disco was written and acted by the residents and co-workers 

Top man

Andrew Bob Harris, also known as Ducky, is officially the first person with Down syndrome to summit the Grand Teton

Sally Phillips in Iceland

Actor #Sally Phillips campaigns on how Iceland has virtually eliminated Down’s births and what this means 

A father speaks of his son

Extraordinary video of a Dad who wish he had spoken up for his son who has Down syndrome

Meaningful work

Based in the university town of Chapel Hill, NC, USA Extraordinary Ventures, is a non-profit that creates  self-sustaining small businesses with the philosophy that all people are employable.

Robert make it to the UN

Born in New Zealand with an intellectual disability, Robert Martin was abandoned by his parents and institutionalised  has made history 

No ordinary dog !

Amazing surfing champion dog Ricochet teaches kids with severe and learning disabities to surf giving them confidence and love

Love Sesame Street love Julia

Julia is a four year-old girl Muppet with autism introduced to Sesame Street in 2015. She is a yellow Anything muppet with orange hair and green eyes. 

See me As I Am

WHAT IS PERFECTION? This powerful documentary drives home the message that our disability does not define us as human beings 

I’m not your inspiration thank you

The late Stella Young, comedian, actor and disability rights activist was passionate and provocative in her insistence that people with disabilities don’t want sympathy just equality. 

Jean Vanier a giant in the field

Jean Vanier the French Canadian founder of L’Arche worldwide communities for people with learning disabilities talks about his vision 

Farmer of Thoughts

Sir Tom Shakespeare English sociologist and broadcaster talks about disability and sexuality 

Look beyond the face

“To discover talent we must go inside each person. Don’t stop at the surface” Pablo Pineda award-winning writer, director and activist 

Ken Loach Who Else?

Ken Loach ’s remarkable film winner of the prestigious Palme D’Or at the Cannes film festival tells the story of a carpenter relying on benefits to survive after a heart attack. The scene in the food banks knocks you flat.  Read our review

Speaking truth to power

Frank Stephens, a young man living with Down Syndrome, gives a powerful speech to the US Congress on his life experience and the importance of people living with Down Syndrome

Learning disability: How far have we really come?

The Balance of Rights explores the challenges faced by people with  learning disabilities in the UK today. The issues surrounding health,  housing and employment are complex but point the discussion clearly  towards the social equality agenda. The Balance of Rights brings  together the many voices fighting for change and sheds an unflinching  light on an issue left largely in the dark for the majority of our  society.

funny guys

Last comic standing

Josh Blue is a very funny American comedian who hates to be called inspiration. The ‘I’ word he calls it. John cerebral palsy which he brilliantly turns into a subversive campaigning art form 

Lost Voice guy

Lost Voice Guy's real name is Lee Ridley. Winner of the BBC Comedy award, writer, journalist, comedian and geek who is based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England.

I know What you’re thinking

Jack Carroll is a young, British comedian and actor. Jack competed in the seventh series of Britain's Got Talent at the age of 14, finishing as the runner-up. Here he is at The Apollo

What’s my problem?

 I have cerebral palsy. But that’s just one of my problems. I am Palestinian, I’m disabled, I’m a woman  - and I live in New Jersey” Maysoon Zayed

Carly’s voice

Carly Fleischmannvcommunicates by spelling. It’s faster than most people can talk. Here she has Holywood hunk Channing Tatum in stitches

Katherine takes no prisoners

Katherine Arianello pushes subversive sometimes grotesque humour to its limits in order to challenge her audience’s perceptions of disability. Strong content. 


The remarkable Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin was the first person with profound autism to describe the condition. She is a leading voice in understanding and managing the condition. 

Anna Kennedy OBE on autism

Being diagnosed with autism isn’t the end says activist Anna Kennedy but the beginning of an incredible journey. Here she shares her experience. 

Wendy Lampen: see differently

Wendy Lampen works as a lecturer in applied sciences. Ddiagnosed with Aspergers syndrome, trained as a teacher in English, History and Ethics here she describes what it’s like ‘being different’ 

Autism dogs that can make a difference

Some people with autism love dogs, some hate them and some are different. But the right dog with the right person can be life-changing

I am autistic or I have autism?

Is there a correct way of expressing it: I have autism or I am autistic. 

True grit

Apple has pioneered voice technology for people who cannot speak . This video ad the oe on the link below celebrate the achievements of an extraordinary young man called Dillan. Watch

A mum’s everyday journey with autism in the UK (Video)

Ella, lover of all things purple. In the Purple family three out of five of us (including me) are on the autistic spectrum. So life can be a challenge but also a lot of fun! Read my blog 

And one mother’s journey in the USA (Video)

Cooper’s mum talks about the grief process where you just need to sit in it and feel all the feelings. You are human. You can be sad. “ You can resent all the people who tried to force me to see the bright side when they didn’t know what I was going through.  That’s not what I needed. I needed to think about a unknown future with severe autism. And that’s OK

Find out more about Cooper’s Voice: the everyday journey of a mother dealing with her son’s autism

The Down’s screening debate

When Sally Phillips’ son Ollie was born with Down’s the doctor said “ I’m so sorry” and the nurse cried. In this moving and controversial film Sally explores the issues around pre-natal testing. At the moment, nine out of ten British women terminate after being given a positive diagnosis - and Phillips thinks that’s largely because there is a lack of understanding about what living with Down’s Syndrome actually means. 

Don’t say this to people with Down's

From being spoken to as if they are children, to assuming they can't work or have relationships. Seven statements guaranteed to annoy people with Down's Syndrome.

The power of work

Tebessum Kahvesi a cafe in Istanbul opened its doors on World Down Syndrome Day 2016. It has 10 employees with Down syndrome, and aims to empower them as well as teach self-confidence.

Coping with the diagnosis

Are your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones. Read more on the Down's Syndrome Association's website