Disability Arts forces us to rethink and defy the stereotypes

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Eurythmy is an expressive movement art originated by Rudolf Steiner and Marie von Sivers. Colours and movement flow into each other to create a unity of spirit and purpose. A performance art, it is also used in education, especially in Waldorf schools, and for therapeutic purposes.

Brewing up a storm

Larry and Sophie are in love. What could be more natural for them than to want to be alone, together? They bribe the feckless Tom to book them into a hotel for an afternoon’s tryst.  But Larry and Sophie aren’t any couple – they both have intellectual disabilities and Tom is their care worker. By attempting to be intimate, they aren’t just breaking the rules – they’re breaking the law. By the brilliant Blue Teapot Theatre Company

Whoa! A parent with a learning disability?

Having kids is not an easy decision:  Now imagine making these decisions if you have a learning disability. Woah – wait a minute… learning-disabled parents? Erm, can they do  that? Do they even have sex?  Yes, yes ‘they’ do.  Fast moving, raw and eye-opening, Mia explores the truths and myths about learning disability and parenthood in today’s society. Mia challenges the often taken for granted idea of ‘being a parent’.

Great company (Video)


Blue Teapot is a multi-award winning Theatre Company, Performing Arts School & Outreach programme for people with intellectual disabilities at the forefront of arts & disability in Ireland.

Defiant lives (Video)


Director Sarah Barton tells a largely untold story, charting the history of the disability rights movement in Australia, the US and the UK. 

Margarita with a straw


Brilliantly-executed Indian movie about a young girl with cerebral palsy who falls in love. MWAS is deeply moving, a philosophical film which makes you wonder if the body is a palace or prison - 

Mind the Gap Theatre


Mind the Gap Theatre company is bold, cutting-edge theatre that can hold its own with the best proving that an intellectual disability is no barrier to creativity.

madhouse re:exit

Inspired by a refusal to be silent, and a history of being ignored, five learning disabled artists take us on a wondrous adventure underground.

A goddess, a baby, a bird, an eater and a ghost guide us through a maze-like institution, growling to be heard, and waiting for the revolution that is forever promised.

As they tear back the walls to their lives, past and present spin together in a powerful expression of what it feels like to have a learning disability today.

Madhouse Read more

I am Me


A powerful and moving film about disability hate crime and the effect it has. 

A force for change


Graeae is a force for change in world-class theatre- breaking down barriers, challenging preconceptions and boldly placing Deaf and disabled artists centre stage.

Abnormally funny people (Video)


Abnormally Funny People Show made its debut at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2005. Each night featured a line-up of talented, award winning, disabled comedians with a token non-disabled one (you've got to give them a chance).