The A Team are a pioneering

group of young farmers across the globe who believe that the simple act of eating well is instrumental to every human’s development and the future of our planet.  


There is no 

Planet 'B'

In the top 6 inches of soil lies the basis of our civilization. Without these few inches it would be extremely difficult for that civilization to exist. 

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Biodynamic farming is on the rise. What is it and does it work?

A core aspect of committed Camphill communities is applying biodynamic principles to farming and landcare. These principles, first developed by Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner, state that humanity is part of a wider universe that has to be respected and nurtured and that for the earth to keep giving we have to put something back.  


Biodynamic farming is controversial partly because it involves practices which border on the mystical. The scientific community and agrogiants like Monsanto claim biodynamic agriculture is little more than hocus pocus. 


However many people - a growing number - have turned their lives upside down to become biodynamic farmers. They believe that biodynamic farming delivers sound agronomic benefits. And paramount for most is their personal connection to the land and doing things on a human level.




How the future of bees

is tied up with the future

of humanity

John Chester, film-maker turned biodynamic farmer, has become something of a celebrity. His biodynamic farming project Apricot Lane Farms that both he and his wife, Molly, run together in Moorpark, CA. is a regular feature on Oprah. This one-of-a-kind farm is both Organic and Biodynamic certified. It uses regenerative farming principles designed to create a farm which over time can become a self-contained ecosystem through the enhancement of its biological diversity. 



Saving Emma

John's Emmy award-winning film:

How Emma the sow was saved after giving birth to 17 piglets


 Life in a biodynamic Camphill community

Loch Arthur


" People were empowered to be

as independent and in control

of their life as they wanted or could

be. " Rated: Excellent.

Care Inspectorate, April 2019 

  • 75 people

  • 11 houses

  • 550 acres

  • Dairy herd

  • Gloucester old spotted pigs

  • 100 breeding ewes

  • The odd goose & hen

  • Suckler beef herd

  • Woodland

  • Heather moor

  • Creamery

  • Organic meat

  • Bakery

  • Organic fruit and veg

  • Excellent Cafe 

  • A thriving community

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Scarves, blankets, rugs

from home-reared sheep

and natural dyes

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Work-based, apprenticeship scheme

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award-winning cheeses

Cafe serving fresh, home-grown, home-made organic food

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“We can find Nature outside us only if we have first learned to know her within us. What is alive to her within us must be our guide. This marks out our path of enquiry.”  Rudolf Steiner

Pishwanton Wood


Pishwanton Wood is a site for environmental education, research and holistic practice, offering opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to renew and deepen their relationship with nature.


Demeter, was the Ancient Greek goddess of grain and agriculture, one of the original Twelve Olympians. 

One man, a cow and a bucket
The Daddy of them all 

Peter Proctor, an elderly New Zealand eco-warrior, believes that modern industrial agriculture is destroying the earth: desertification, water scarcity, toxic cocktails of agricultural chemicals pervading our food chains, ocean ecosystem collapse, soil erosion and massive loss of soil fertility.

Our ecosystems he says are overwhelmed. Humanity's increasing demands are exceeding the Earth's carrying capacity. His recipe to save the world? One man and a bucket of cow dung. One farmer at a time. 

Across India with Peter's help, marginal farmers are fighting back and saving their poisoned lands by reviving biodynamics. One Man, One Cow, One Planet tells their story.


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