Freedom for wolves often means death to lambs’ Isaiah Berlin 

Benefit sanctions for disabled don't work


An important new study May 2018

- The extension of welfare conditionality (sanctions) to
disabled people in receipt of incapacity
benefits does little to facilitate their transitions
into paid work.
- The application of welfare conditionality
exacerbates many disabled people’s existing
illnesses and impairments.
- The Work Capability Assessment is intrusive,
insensitively administered and regularly leads to
inappropriate outcomes
- Benefit sanctions have no tangible positive
effects in moving disabled people closer to work. READ MORE 


Disabled lose legal aid in 99% of benefit disputes

Marsha de Cordova, Labour’s shadow minister for disabled people, who herself suffers from nystagmus – a condition that causes the involuntary movement of the eye – and is registered as blind, said the entire legal aid system had been “hollowed out”, with terrible results. “Thousands of disabled people are being denied access to justice. When over two-thirds of social security appeals are lost by the Department for Work and Pensions, it is crucial the government adequately funds legal aid to ensure disabled people can have access to justice.”


Is Britain still civilised?


Frances Ryan of the Guardian argues that while the Conservatives claim the UK is a world leader in disability rights it penalises disabled people. Follow Frances Ryan

Our care system needs major surgery


The Communities and Local Government Select Committee in a major report calls on fundamental reform on social care funding. Key evidence from the Alliance for Camphill and the Centre for Welfare Reform arguing that the system is in a profound state of crisis and needs root and branch reform 

‘Food banks are rather uplifting'


Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg caused a furore when he said he found food banks ‘ rather uplifting’ He is now spoken of a a potential leader. Ed Smith in the New Statesman examines the phenomenon 

A journey less equal


The Equality and Human Rights Commission published a damning report on the continued struggle that people with disabilities face in Britain. Download the report 

Brexit could leave disabled vulnerable


Brexit could have a devastating impact on disabled people a leading charity has warned. A report by Camphill Scotland said attempts to restrict freedom of movement of EU nationals or their current rights to work in the UK, could have far reaching consequences.

Crowded out of the debate


The voice of people with intellectual impairments and learning disabilities are being drowned out by the more vocal wheelchair lobby. Alain Catzeflis argues that we need to do a great deal more listening

reforming a broken system

Being born with a learning disability – any disability - is not the result of poor parenting or bad karma. It is a lottery. Equality of opportunity means everyone should have a chance at the jackpot. Read more 

The UN’s devastating verdict


The UN in its report says that the effects of austerity on people with disabilities in Britain is causing a 'human catastrophe'. Report in full

How I got my son back


How father Mark Neary fought to get his son back. A high court judge ruled Hillingon council had held Steven illegally breaching his human rights 

Making it hard to vote


In 2014, one in five people with a learning disability were turned away from a polling station. The barriers to voting for vulnerable people are high 

Down is an 'immune system’ disorder


A recent study published in Scientific Reports, and publicized by the Global Down Syndrome Foundation earlier this year, says Down syndrome is not a brain disorder but an immune system dysfunction

Night life for special people


Many people with learning disabilities experience social isolation, often only leaving their homes for a couple of hours each day. Special clubs or nights are popping up for people with learning disabilities 

The PIP scandal exposed


Frances Ryan says a report of disability benefit claimants’ experiences exposes cruelty and incompetence  Our verdict 

Read the report 

It can be done


The book Made Possible focuses on people’s talents and futures when austerity and welfare reform is doing the exact opposite

Serving up skills


A project that began as a lunch-only cafe is helping disabled people find work in the wider community. Read this Guardian story

Training could save lives


The charity Mencap says that a lack of knowledge and training may be contributing to a number of avoidable deaths 

LDE calls for a culture change


Learning Disability England’s Tracy Hammond calls for a culture change after the death of Richard Handley at Mendip House care home 

Everything is going to be KO


Filmmaker, theatre director and writer Kaiya Stone wants a world that celebrates Neuro-Atypical thought. Click on the image to watch the video 

Put a sock on it


Everyone deserves a helping hand right? John’s Crazy Socks is now shipping to the UK. Watch his sales pitch by clicking on the image. 

Food banks are not uplifting

Ruth Cadbury MP calls for emergency donations of food. The Russell Trust that runs the food bank network around Britain’s said that in the last year it has given 1.2million people emergency food supplies including to people with disabilities many of whom are disabled. Read the report DISABILITY, HEALTH AND HUNGER 

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