Our campaign, like most, was born out of adversity. Camphill, a  pioneering way of caring for people with additional support needs -thriving for 60 years- has been under pressure from a care system that has lost its ethical  moorings and a charity that turned its back on core Camphill principles.

At the heart of the Camphill ethos is the idea of community: people of all abilities co-existing, living or working together (or both) as true equals. This does not deny the vulnerability of some more than others and the need to keep them safe. But it does place paramount importance on the idea that each of us belongs and contributes in our own individual way as citizens and human beings with equal rights. 

We also take an interest in wider social and political issues that impact the struggle for equality and inclusion.   JOIN US

About the Alliance

Camphill was founded in Scotland in the 1940s by Karl König, an Austrian paediatrician fleeing Nazi oppression who was inspired by the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner. One of Camphill's most important achievements is the creation of communities based on genuine partnerships in life and work, with people of all abilities.    


This life-sharing is a fundamentally different approach from simply meeting people's care and support needs.  Communities run on this principle can eliminate the very experience of disability, nurturing a deep sense of belonging, purpose and fulfilment through genuine contribution.   

Making change 

The Alliance is passionately committed to ensuring that legislators, regulators, commissioners and the public at large recognise and support such communities as a viable and beneficial life-choice for people with learning disabilities and autism.  

Social justice 

The Alliance also champions the rights and interests of all people with learning and other disabilities, and cooperates with other groups having similar aims. We work to raise public awareness that learning-disabled people are still being treated unfairly. Sometimes people need others to advocate on their behalf. But we also want to grant them a louder voice and help them reach a wider audience.  

If you are interested in our work, or would like to join us, please get in touch either by filling in the firm on the right or emailing our membership secretary. 

Julian Haxby

Chair, Alliance for Camphill

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Care in Britain is in crisis. There is little dispute about that. But few can agree on the way out. 

One of the factors that bedevils the search for change, especially in the care of adult services for people with a learning disability, is an excess of ideology combined with a heavy-handed and short-sighted surfeit of process. Care has to fit into a pre-fabricated model. We are also held back by wanting to make everything bigger.

Here one Camphill parent looks at how the Winterbourne scandal has overshadowed the search for imaginative solutions. 

The problem with ideology

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