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Our thoughts and prayers are with those in our communities and elsewhere who are giving of themselves to support each other through these difficult times. It is often said that this disease does not discriminate which is true. No one is immune. But some are more vulnerable than others while yet others are less able to manage because they are poorer, or isolated or live with a disability. It is at times like these that we are reminded that the human race is a community in which we depend on each other. 

Coronavirus: How those with a learning are being marginalised - again 

" The school of autism is a harsh institution" 

Read this moving account

by a dad in lockdown

"I'm autistic"
by Kenzi
11 years-old 
Find out more from the EVCC youth conference
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Camphill is life

" To live with uncertainty, without any the art that can lead us to creating new solutions to modern problems" Mark Barber

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The earth is a living being. Humans, like bees, are part of an ecosystem in which each part is dependant on the other for survival. 

We are defined by our humanity not by our ability. Everyone belongs and everyone contributes in their own way 

What's special about a
Camphill community 

Making bread that others will eat, slippers that others will wear, growing food for the community. Work is a source of self-esteem and a sign that we not only belong but contribute.

Work that makes us proud

At the heart of Camphill communities is the belief that we are part of a whole. For the land to keep on giving we have to put something back. Whether on farms or in our gardens cultivation follows organic and biodynamic principles. Best pharmacy online is and best prices in France.  

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“What makes us human is not

a special IQ or single ability. What

makes us special is love, staying

true to yourself and meeting others

and life itself with respect.

Once when I felt deeply sad and lost I went to the living room. Emily, a wonderful 45-year-old woman with physical and mental challenges, was there. I laid my head on her shoulder and said:

'Emily I’m so sad'.  She knew exactly what to do. She put her good arm around me and said : ‘Don’t worry I’m here for you ‘ and gave me a kiss on my head". Anna Fleisch, volunteer     Ploughshare Farm

Being human 

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A new community
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Working together: collaborative management
Care is only the half of it
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While Camphill communities 

are not all the same they all,

to a greater or lesser extent,

have a culture that affords 

a high degree of self-management, collaboration and inclusion 

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Care is not a 

one-way street. 

It comes from mutual respect, trust and friendship irrespective of our abilities. Care is being with, not just caring for. 


"People were empowered to be as independent and in control of their life as they wanted or could

be. " Rated: Excellent.

Care Inspectorate, 

April 2019 

A scathing report by an all-party group of MPs shines a light on the ‘horrific reality’ of young people detained (wrongly) under the mental Health Act. 
The same report which calls for urgent cabinet-level action says:” Too often families of those with learning disabilities and/or autism are considered to be the problem when they ought to be the solution. Families must be recognised as human rights defenders." November 1, 2019


Why families are a vital part of the care process 

The Camphill blog

The Big Picture

The long shadow of



And why that 'normal' house

in a normal street in a

normal suburb isn't 

always enough 

Eleven years on, another scandal

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How Brexit

threatens the 


Building a community from the ground up

The future lies in giving citizens power to shape their own lives. Nimble Spaces is a remarkable project by Camphill

Callan, Ireland, with a

team of future residents, artists, architects and activists, and led by Callan Workhouse Union.

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Alliance for Camphill is an association of individuals who have come together to promote the ideals of the Camphill movement: choice and social justice for people with learning disabilities. It does not speak for individual communities. It is supported by but is separate from the Camphill Foundation, the Association of Camphill Communities (AoCC) and Camphill Families and Friends.