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Being with not just caring for


The essence of a Camphill community lies in the word reciprocity. People of all abilities live and work together each drawing strength from the other. Anna Falch, a volunteeer at Ploughshare Farm in New Hampshire, USA, describes why volunteering at a Camphill community was a defining experience for her: “What makes us human is not a special IQ; it’s not one single ability like being able to speak or walk like anyone else; it’s not a look. It is true love  between all beings, the energy that makes the world  go round. It is staying true to yourself and meeting others and life itself with respect. Once when I felt deeply sad and lost I went to the living room at Plowshare Farm  and there was Emily a wonderful 45-year-old woman with physical and mental challenges. As I sat down I laid my head on her shoulder and told her: ' Emily I’m so sad'  She knew exactly what to do. She put her good arm around me and said : ‘ Don’t worry I’m here for you ‘ and then she gave me a kiss on my head”.  

Camphill: an idea ahead of its time

Biodynamic wine: as good as it gets

The Fruits of the earth

Biodynamic wine is taking the world by storm. It works, it's sustainable, it has social relevance, it's wine on a human scale and it's profitable. Alain Catzeflis visited one small vineyard in south-west France to find out how. 

How Annie found inclusion in a Camphill community

Since moving to Heartbeet Camphill Annie has reclaimed her happiness and confidence. She walks — or snowshoes — miles each day. She now weighs 120 pounds. She works part-time at a local artisanal cheesemaker, and takes personal pride whenever they win a gold medal.

April 28, 2018: Launch of a new community bringing fresh hope

The Esk Valley Camphill Community in North Yorkshire will be celebrating its formal launch on April 28, 2018. It represents a remarkable rebirth driven by the dedication of families, villagers and co-workers who resisted attempts to change their way of life. Support their work 

make a difference: support the esk valley community

Not Down: Sean's amazing journey

Karen Murphy

Get to know Camphill Foundation Executive Director Karen Murphy, and learn about the Camphill movement and the role Camphill Foundation plays in supporting lifesharing communities where people with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities live and work together.

I am not a syndrome. I am a man

American actor Frank Stephens is one of the most powerful advocates for seeing Down's differently. Here he lays out his case with stunning clarity. 

Camphill at the cutting edge

Following the Irish financial collapse of 2008, a group of people in and around the Camphill community in Callan Ireland began to work towards a new model for ‘housing the social?  Housing in a new era of rights and social inclusion, of spatial justice. This brilliant project offers privacy and self-determination for people with support needs in an inter-dependent social context, 

We need to talk about social justice

The arts and disability

Sanctuary: A funny, subversive movie about love and disability (Video)

Larry and Sophie, two people with intellectual disabilities, long to be together in a world that does everything to keep them apart. ... ‘Sanctuary is laugh out loud funny, heart warming and heart breaking' Galway Advertiser “ There’s a wonderful warmth and directness to this movie, adapted by Galway dramatist Christian O’Reilly from his original stage play, and directed by feature first-timer Len Collin.” The Guardian 


I couldn’t talk. music taught me how

Meet Jack!

It took him a long time to learn to talk. 

He has ADHD, dyspraxia, and autism... and he plays the piano and dances! 

His breakthough was music - he learnt to speak by singing along to songs. With thanks to NewsRound CBBC children's programme 

Video diaries

Our stories define us. We have put together a collection of interesting, funny, moving and sometimes provocative videos about learning disability. Here Chris Packham talks about autism. See the full range on our VIDEO PAGE

These will be added to from time to time. We welcome suggestions at info@allianceforamphill.

Universal values + American can-do

Food brings people together, and this cafe in North Carolina is taking it a step further by bringing a whole community together.


No tangible positive effect

A major study of work conditionality otherwise known as benefit sanctions between 2014 and 2017 by leading universities demonstrates they don't help get people with a disability into work. 

Intrusive and inappropriate

"The Work Capability Assessment is intrusive, insensitively administered and regularly leads to inappropriate outcomes " READ MORE 

Stories and issues that matter

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Extraordinary pictures for the Washington Post by Mary Gilman about Camphill Svetlana in Russia 


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