Campaigning for people with learning disabilities to live as they choose

Belonging and contributing

Citizenship is achieved when human beings live and work together with justice and mutual respect 

Dr Simon Duffy


Stories and issues that matter

Camphill: an idea ahead of its time

A revolution in care

Camphill is the story of an idea, unheard of in 1939: people of mixed abilities living and working together, belonging and contributing as equals. From a small beginning in Scotland 75 years ago there are now over 100 communities in 20 countries. Read more 

A two-way street (video)

Villagers at Triform in the beautiful Hudson Valley north of New York talk about their life and about how the sense that there is no ‘them and us’ strengthens the sense of community and provides stability and fulfilment for people with learning disabilities 

New community, fresh hope

A new Camphill venture in The North Yorkshire Moors. Ten large and five small houses spread across three villages: Co-workers, residents with a disability and several children living as part of the families and households in the community. 


Our stories define us. We have put together a collection of interesting, funny, moving and sometimes provocative videos about learning disability. Here Chris Packham talks about autism. See the full range on our VIDEO PAGE

These will be added to from time to time. We welcome suggestions at info@allianceforamphill.

The Arts and disability

We believe that the arts are an indispensable way for people with intellectual impairments to express themselves. Many prove to have extraordinary gifts that transcend their disabilities. This film - Sanctuary- is a funny, touching middle subversive loo at love, life and disability. Go to our ARTS section for more.  


Teaching resources

Open Future Learning is an outstanding video-based two-way training programe for people with learning disabilities and their supporters. It places empathy and human relationships at the heart of what it offers. 

Community initiatives

When Florence's husband died she "desperately needed company". She was one of nine million adults in the UK who say they are often, or always, lonely. Shared Lives Plus is a nationwide organisation that aims to offer those who want it the experience of sharing their lives with others by living together. 

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